The geo HQ, where Cosy happens

About GEO

Who’s behind all this?

Green Energy Options

We are Green Energy Options (geo), an innovative technology company based near Cambridge in the UK. We’ve been working on energy solutions since 2006 and have sold more than 1 million energy displays worldwide. Cosy is our first direct-to-consumer product, so we wanted to test the water, see who was interested and get to market as soon as we could. Which is why we need your help.


At geo we care about many things: energy management, environmental impact, family budgets – all of which are very hard to visualise. Wanting to take control of your energy is common sense, but how do you know what your usage is apart from the bill from your provider? Environmental impact is also hard to quantify – but we all try to do what we can within the scope of our daily lives. As for family budgets: who doesn’t want to save money? But where do you start?

A smart home is an efficient home

We’ve spent several years researching and testing in-home energy management using displays and data uploads alongside utilities and partners – all to help consumers see the energy they are using. Our original goal was simple: make energy visible. But once we could see the energy, we realised we could control it. Why not promote responsible energy use in the home using an app? That’s when we dreamed up Cosy.

Smart heating control